Nod32 Antivirus Instructions

Trial version update / Expired license renewal

When you renew your license for Nod32 the only change you need to make is to update your username and password. You will need to contact our office on 03 3413355 for your new username and password.



Run the Nod32 Control Centre, either by double clicking the Nod32 icon next to the clock or by running it from the start menu.

Once you are in the Control Centre

On the left hand screen select Update

On the right hand screen press Setup

Enter your username and password and press OK

NB: The AV- in your username is upper case, the password is all lower case.



If you have purchased Nod32 but do not yet have it installed you will need to download it and install it.

You will need your Nod32 username and password to download the file.

You will also be prompted for your username and password during the installation.

Click here to download Windows XP Version

Click here to download Windows 98/ME Version



After you have downloaded and saved the above file to your computer.Double Click ndntenst.exe (or nd98enst.exe for Windows 98/ME)Click ExtractLeave 'Typical install selected' and press nextAgree to the license agreement and press nextEnter your username eg. AV-1234567 (AV is upper case)Enter your password eg. ab1cb23e45 (Lower case)Press NextLeave 'enable threatsense' ticked and press nextLeave 'I want to start the file system monitor automatically' ticked and press nextPress nextPress finish

NB: for users using dial up connection to the Internet rather than broadband/jetstream. When going through installation make sure you tick the box that says you use a dial up connection when prompted.

Download the complete Nod32 installation guide here

Watch the installation video here